Social media is constantly evolving and with that come apps to help with efficiency. Whatever your situation, managing social media requires the right strategy and the right tools. And while there are thousands of social media tools, not all of them can be classed as management tools. Today I’m going to focus on the best social media management tools that include these three key elements Engagement, Scheduling, and Reporting.

Are you an organized person who gets called on by friends and family to help plan parties and family vacations?  Then you may have the make-up of a professional event planner. Today we’ll explore the career option of event planner and then talk with the expert of experts, Carolyn Wence with Plans & Action located in Portland, Oregon.

With the coronavirus in full effect, more and more people are working from their homes. Working from home sounds fantastic but there are challenges that go along with it. Listening to music while doing household chores is great but how about when you’re getting serious work done? And what ARE those challenges of working from home? Let’s discuss.

When it comes to the new popular platforms for social media, Snap Chat and Tik Tok are usually near or at the top of the list. In this Side Dish episode, Phil spends a few minutes talking about IF your business should have a presence on these platforms and, if so, how to make them work for you.

You hear your marketing guru asking to define your target customer, but for you, everyone is a target customer.  Why do marketing people want to define one type of person to market too?  In today’s episode we’ll discuss developing a target client persona and how doing so will help maximize sales.

Running a small business requires the ability to wear many hats but it’s one thing to put a hat on your head and another thing entirely to execute on wearing that hat well. One thing many small business owners don’t know much about is doing their books, accounting, and taxes. Today we’re going talk about a subject NOBODY enjoys talking about unless you’re an accountant: Taxes. Specifically small business tax deductions that you may, or may not know about, on THIS episode of the Business Buffet.

In sales, too often, our emotions get the best of us.  Many outside influences impact our psychological well being and ultimately have an adverse impact on your ability to sell your product or service.  Today’s I share with you some tips on how to avoid or mitigate the social pitfalls that could impact your bottom line.

Is small business behind the curve when it comes to making changes to your product or service offering? In today’s episode, Ed and Phil will discuss the strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities for small business people when market conditions go soft. What should you do in your business if sales slump? Turn-in today and get ready to dish up the business buffet!